We Piggy.Linked “The Guardian”

The Guardian - PiggyLinked

We Piggy.Linked “The Guardian” !

See the Piggy.Linked Guardian for yourself!

We set all the link prices to 30 credits by default. But you can login as the owner of The Guardian and monkey around with the link prices for yourself 🙂

How about spending some (demo) money? Log in as a general user and try paying for the links.

We are just starting out – and having some fun with our software. If you enjoyed, don’t forget to follow us on our new Twitter account…

Piggy.Link truly breaking new ground


Piggy.Link Truly Breaking New Ground

We haven’t posted for a while – but rest assured we’ve been busy.

We’ve got setup down to literally seconds. That means in under a minute your website can be earning instant payments for content. *(T&Cs: already functioning website, server permissions, can use a computer, able to find on/off switch, good strong cup of tea handy)

Our revamped demo site is increasingly cool. There’s a whole trial platform of piggy.link to go with it: piggy.zone. You can simulate buying, spending and earning without needing to setup your own website or spend any real money. (*Note sessions on piggy.zone expire after 24 hours)

You’ll notice the wide variety of worldwide payment methods available for account funding. Remember if we have them available, they are also available to your site. But because you’re getting paid in bitcoin, there’s no verification or credit check necessary. Just hook up and start getting paid for your web content.

We still have a few things here and there to iron out, so we’re not quite open for sign up. But keep with us, as great things are just around the corner… 🙂