New Comment and Review Pages

Introducing Coinetize Comment and Review Pages


We kick off a section of Coinetize News dedicated to industry-related comment and review with a discussion of the viability of micropayments.

Coinetize is an attempt to end speculation on the viability of micropayments by building a working micropayments system with real practical value.

Unfortunately not everyone shares our view that this model will work out – and there has been no more influential an objection than that coming from Nick Szabo, one of the key figures in the development of Bitcoin – a man so important to Bitcoin that some have speculated him to be the real Satoshi Nakamoto.

But is his negative opinion on micropayments stifling experimentation and invention? Wikipedia describes Mr. Szabo as a ‘computer scientist, legal scholar and cryptographer’. Psychology, the field to which his ‘Mental Accounting Barrier’ theory belongs, is not in the description.

Leaving aside our feelings about who said it, what are the objections to the ‘Mental Accounting Barrier’ theory? In our pilot comment and review article a Coinetize founder gives his opinion.

You can find the discussion here.

New streamlined linking in process

New streamlined linking in process


It just got easier to start earning from your website content with Coinetize!

In our streamlined step-by-step setup process a website can be monetized in a few minutes hassle-free, with 4 choices of linking in method.

A reminder: Linking in to Coinetize requires no credit or id checks and no setup fee. So you can start receiving real revenue from your website content right away.