Coinetize Featured on Betalist

Coinetize Featured on Betalist

We are working towards our launch, and as part of this process we are beginning to raise awareness about our groundbreaking product – which aims to allow anyone to quickly monetize their web-content.

Note that most major editorials are now subscription based – a model that only a few years ago was dismissed as unfeasible. Why can’t smaller websites enjoy the benefits of pay-for content? With Coinetize we aim to make this a real option for any website. Find us on Betalist here.

Coming soon – WordPress Install Plugin

Coming Soon – WordPress Install Plugin


With our upcoming WordPress install plugin, we aim to simplify setting up your WordPress site with Coinetize to just a few clicks – so you can get started monetizing your WordPress content right away.

At the same time we’ll be developing a few REST API endpoints, to allow easy development of custom install plugins for any CMS system. Stay tuned!