In the Pipeline: New Payment Friction Settings

In the Pipeline: New Payment Friction Settings


Right now payment for an article is via 2 clicks: the first to see the payment amount, and the second to confirm.

That’s great if you always want to be sure how much you’re spending. But we recognise you might prefer not to be interrupted in your browsing experience if the payment amount was below a certain amount.

That’s why we are adding a new ‘Payment Friction’ section to your Coinetize Profile. This will allow you to choose whether or not to be warned before making a payment – and what threshold should trigger the warning.

Stay with us for updates.

We Coinetized The New York Times

We ‘Coinetized’ the New York Times


For fun, we thought we’d demonstrate how any site can be hooked up to Coinetize to start earning you direct payments for content

(That’s right – kiss goodbye to the advertising model with Coinetize)

So we ‘Coinetized’ the New York Times.

Try clicking some of the links. This is just a fun demonstration, so we set all the links to an arbitrary price of 30 credits (about 15 cents US)

This could be your site, and those 15 cent payments could be going to you…

Link Process Streamlined

Link Process Streamlined


To receive direct payments for your web content, link your website to Coinetize.

Linking your site to Coinetize gets ever easier. Our new step-by-step process guides you through a streamlined setup process which is leaner and faster than ever before.

There are 4 ways to link your site – and this gives you flexibility in how you choose to interface with Coinetize, and which resources you choose to monetize.

Overview of Linking

Overview of Linking


Linking your site to Coinetize is the process by which you enable your site to receive direct payments for content

See our Overview of Linking for a basic tech guide to what’s involved in the linking process.

Of course, if you want to link in your website but do not admin your own website, we can sort this for you directly with your tech support. Just login, click ‘Link a Website’ and then select ‘I want you to link a website for me’.

Get $20 when you link your website to Coinetize


Get $20 When You Link Your Site to Coinetize

Coinetize provides a completely new way for your website to make money.

No need to depend on advertising any more!

And to get you started, we promise to buy USD $20 of your digital content. (Receive the actual payment in Bitcoin). All you have to do is link in your site, and monetize some links!

Please see here for the offer details, and the terms and conditions.

Private beta just got less private


Our Private beta just got less private

We thought it would be helpful if testers linking in their sites could make some real money.

So now we’ve made opening an account available to everyone

Now anyone can create an account, buy credits and spend them on linked sites

Site linking is still not public. If you wish to link a site, contact us through support or send us an email.

lock a picture or movie to a page

Now you can lock a picture or movie to a page


Is your headline image part of the article you are monetizing? Now you have the option to lock that image to the article page. This prevents direct access to the image URL, and means visitors can only access the image when they have paid for the article.

The same for movies embedded using the HTML5 <video> tag.

Locking gives you the option to offer your webpage as a package – and greater control over how your resources are accessed.