New Demo Videos Added


New Demo Videos Added

Coinetize is a completely new concept, and so we understand why you might have questions.

That’s why we’ve started a new line of tutorial oriented videos. Sit back and let us demonstrate an example sale, and then guide you through the website linking in process. Find this on our updated demo page.

Don’t forget to let us know what you think! We have more videos in the pipeline, so your feedback is most welcome.

Now Manage Website Support Access via the Account Page

Now Manage Website Support Access via the Account Page

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Adding website support access lets your website tech team take care of the linking in process, leaving you free to decide what digital content you want to monetize

Now we’ve made it even easier to manage your website support access, by making it available directly on your account page.

Just look for the ‘Add Access’ and ‘Manage Access’ buttons underneath a linked property.

Happy linking!

Verification Documents Upload Limits Increased

Verification Documents Upload Limits Increased


We’ve responded to your feedback that upload limits for account verification documents were too restrictive.

We have therefore increased the limit for an individual file to 2 MB, and the total allowed upload limit to 10 MB.

We look forward to receiving your verification documents!

Keep us posted with the feedback!