Login is now integrated into the pay stub

Login is now integrated into the pay stub

In response to feedback, we’ve integrated login and account details into the pay stub and given it a professional makeover. This means no separate annoying account balance bar, and an untouched feeling to your webpage.

We recognise that you are going to want a system that is smart, slick, professional and involves the most minimal interference with your website as possible, leaving you 100% freedom to be creative.

This is an example of how we treat your feedback very seriously. If you have a recommendation we’d love to hear it!

Turing Pigs Captcha Added

“Turing Pigs” Captcha added
Tired of trying to figure out what the numbers are supposed to be in those increasingly difficult to read number and letter Captchas? Now Piggy.Link features an innovative Captcha based on the board game ‘pass the pigs’. Identify the pose of the rendered 3d pig to show you are human! (Or at least a mammal).

The Captcha – which we’re calling ‘Turing Pigs’ – utilises a mix of javascript and traditional Captcha image recognition methods to dissuade automated visitors. It’s also unique – just like the rest of our platform…