Coming soon – WordPress Install Plugin

Coming Soon – WordPress Install Plugin


With our upcoming WordPress install plugin, we aim to simplify setting up your WordPress site with Coinetize to just a few clicks – so you can get started monetizing your WordPress content right away.

At the same time we’ll be developing a few REST API endpoints, to allow easy development of custom install plugins for any CMS system. Stay tuned!

New Comment and Review Pages

Introducing Coinetize Comment and Review Pages


We kick off a section of Coinetize News dedicated to industry-related comment and review with a discussion of the viability of micropayments.

Coinetize is an attempt to end speculation on the viability of micropayments by building a working micropayments system with real practical value.

Unfortunately not everyone shares our view that this model will work out – and there has been no more influential an objection than that coming from Nick Szabo, one of the key figures in the development of Bitcoin – a man so important to Bitcoin that some have speculated him to be the real Satoshi Nakamoto.

But is his negative opinion on micropayments stifling experimentation and invention? Wikipedia describes Mr. Szabo as a ‘computer scientist, legal scholar and cryptographer’. Psychology, the field to which his ‘Mental Accounting Barrier’ theory belongs, is not in the description.

Leaving aside our feelings about who said it, what are the objections to the ‘Mental Accounting Barrier’ theory? In our pilot comment and review article a Coinetize founder gives his opinion.

You can find the discussion here.

New streamlined linking in process

New streamlined linking in process


It just got easier to start earning from your website content with Coinetize!

In our streamlined step-by-step setup process a website can be monetized in a few minutes hassle-free, with 4 choices of linking in method.

A reminder: Linking in to Coinetize requires no credit or id checks and no setup fee. So you can start receiving real revenue from your website content right away.

We rebranded to Coinetize

We rebranded to Coinetize

We recently decided ‘Coinetize’ is a better single-word description of our platform. So now you can find us at Research suggests the new name lets our visitors grasp what we do more quickly, and helps provide a clearer picture of what to expect from our site.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the new name (of course we hope you like it as much as we do!)

In the short term you’ll find any requests to the old ‘’ domain are redirected.

Your feedback is always welcome!

We Piggy.Linked “The Guardian”

The Guardian - PiggyLinked

We Piggy.Linked “The Guardian” !

See the Piggy.Linked Guardian for yourself!

We set all the link prices to 30 credits by default. But you can login as the owner of The Guardian and monkey around with the link prices for yourself 🙂

How about spending some (demo) money? Log in as a general user and try paying for the links.

We are just starting out – and having some fun with our software. If you enjoyed, don’t forget to follow us on our new Twitter account…

Piggy.Link truly breaking new ground


Piggy.Link Truly Breaking New Ground

We haven’t posted for a while – but rest assured we’ve been busy.

We’ve got setup down to literally seconds. That means in under a minute your website can be earning instant payments for content. *(T&Cs: already functioning website, server permissions, can use a computer, able to find on/off switch, good strong cup of tea handy)

Our revamped demo site is increasingly cool. There’s a whole trial platform of to go with it: You can simulate buying, spending and earning without needing to setup your own website or spend any real money. (*Note sessions on expire after 24 hours)

You’ll notice the wide variety of worldwide payment methods available for account funding. Remember if we have them available, they are also available to your site. But because you’re getting paid in bitcoin, there’s no verification or credit check necessary. Just hook up and start getting paid for your web content.

We still have a few things here and there to iron out, so we’re not quite open for sign up. But keep with us, as great things are just around the corner… 🙂

Agreement with Emergent Payments Pending


An agreement is pending for Emergent Payments to provide payment gateway services to the Piggy.Link micropayments system.


Emergent Payments (formerly ‘Live Gamer’) have a long history of providing payment solutions to the online gaming industry. With their extensive experience in dealing with innovative products, virtual currencies and specialized credit systems, we felt their platform was a perfect fit for Piggy.Link.

The Emergent Payments Pay+ integration is currently in development, and will offer a variety of payment methods across multiple countries and currencies.

Login is now integrated into the pay stub

Login is now integrated into the pay stub

In response to feedback, we’ve integrated login and account details into the pay stub and given it a professional makeover. This means no separate annoying account balance bar, and an untouched feeling to your webpage.

We recognise that you are going to want a system that is smart, slick, professional and involves the most minimal interference with your website as possible, leaving you 100% freedom to be creative.

This is an example of how we treat your feedback very seriously. If you have a recommendation we’d love to hear it!

Turing Pigs Captcha Added

“Turing Pigs” Captcha added
Tired of trying to figure out what the numbers are supposed to be in those increasingly difficult to read number and letter Captchas? Now Piggy.Link features an innovative Captcha based on the board game ‘pass the pigs’. Identify the pose of the rendered 3d pig to show you are human! (Or at least a mammal).

The Captcha – which we’re calling ‘Turing Pigs’ – utilises a mix of javascript and traditional Captcha image recognition methods to dissuade automated visitors. It’s also unique – just like the rest of our platform…